Do you know, generally chairs aren't designed to serve our bodies!

Mar 17, 2021 | Xinli Shao

Do you know, generally chairs aren't designed to serve our bodies!

Do you know that sitting for hours on end can weaken the muscles in your back and core It can result in pinched nerves, impact your posterior or lower-back and can also constrain the flow of blood that your body needs, making you feel lethargic! Generally, our bodies are not suited to extended periods in these chairs, but particularly when then are not ergonomically designed. As noted by famous historian on this subject such as Cranz by on their extensive research confirms that sitting in chairs is directly correlated with “back pain, fatigue, varicose veins, stress and problems with the diaphragm, circulation, digestion, elimination and general body development”. There is also growing evidence by many leading ergonomic organisations that relentlessly sedentary jobs, such as driving, flying or office jobs are harmful enough to shorten life expectancy. 

We are building a product portfolio that will progressively help people suffering with these problems and we will continue to share on insights on this subject and our research.

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